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Oohwala has become South East Asia’s most reliable growing vendor with precious gem stones and accessories items. A company deeply rooted to its “customer-first” philosophy, Oohwala presents the end users everything from ordinary beads to expensive Swarovski gem stones available at affordable price ranges. Complemented with effective consumer support and also seamless shopping experience, Oohwala is committed to giving you top-quality goods for an unrivaled standard of service. Oohwala offers thoughtful as well as stylish jewellery and accessories, which we all trust will certainly surely enable and connect individuals coming from practically all over the town. Oohwala is a brand name associated with C. Rashiwala Bros. The actual physical outlet is situated at 100 Arab Street, Singapore. swarovski beads singapore 

Oohwala has been South East Asia’s most well-known and most trusted merchants involved with Swarovski items. Oohwala hasn’t stropped getting more products and solutions for developers and craft enthusiasts alike; both for fashion and interior design. The foreseeable future products will include but are not limited to BeCharmed and Pave, Jewelry producing equipment, 925 silver elements, tassels, fringes and trimmings. Oohwala is based in Singapore and deliver their goods everywhere around the world.|When the Rashiwala brothers come to Singapore in 1925, they begun a little company, C. Rashiwala Bros, trading raw gems with nearby sellers and providing jewelry to well-off local colonists. They started out what is currently among the many region’s most exclusive company associated with semi-precious gems and jewelry, additionally C. Rashiwala Bros is South East Asia’s earliest and most reliable distributors of Swarovski merchandise. This business carried on till 1942 when WW2 broke out. The Rahiwala great grand-uncle made a comeback to India along with grand-son plus the rest of the family. The grandfather remained behind in Singapore to protect and look after the store. Life was tough during the Japanese occupation. In the early days of the occupation, he hid in the nearby rainforest during the day, coming out only at nighttime in order to forage for food. Back then, the store was looted, fired on & once partially set alight by a marauding mafia. Broke with what ever he could salvage from the fire, he spread-out a small canvas in front of the store and placed the salvaged fabrics to trade. He was not able to move back instantly into the store because he was unable to pay for the $170 monthly local rental as well as for fixes for the destroyed shop. A several months after, he shifted back into the actual store. After the war and the withdrawal of Japanese military in 1945, the store was refurbished with teak wood cabinetry and exhibit units. The 3 rd generation Rashiwala also came back many years later to continue his studies in Singapore. The current owner joined up with his dad in the business in 1956. At that time, they’d unveiled trimmings together with a few haberdashery items including sequins, beads, etcetera. In 1967, Kantilal Gamanlal Rashiwala; wrote to M/s Swarovski and successfully became their first supplier in S. E. Asia. In 1978, at 16 years old, The fourth generation Rashiwala manage the shop from their own property at 100 Arab Street that they shifted into in 2004. They’ve provided a fair-bit from the old post-war teak wood furniture from their previously leased store.|Possibly the most established jewellery and craft shops in Singapore, Oohwala (also known as Rashiwala Bros situated at Arab Street) continues to be helping makers and hobbyists for the last 70 years. Visitors flock down to Arab Street and stop at this shop to check out the numerous rhinestones and jewels that are presented on the shelves. The admired and antique feel to the store creates a sentimental setting that’s authentic to this store. Do not assess a store by it’s cover, the jewels and rhinestones obtainable listed here are one of the most inexpensive in Singapore, distributed at below wholesale cost even when purchased in normal quantities. In the weeks to come, they are adding on to their online catalog to reflect all of the products which can be found in the physical store. Their future catalogues will include but are not limited to BeCharmed and Pave, Jewelry making tools, 925 silver components, tassels, fringes and trimmings.

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