Alana, Nikki, and Tyler Get Lost in Indo

March 24, 2016 By BROWSING ON Magazine

“That’s just the search. You roll with it, you don’t stress. Like, of course the car is in a ditch. ” Alana Blanchard

Any genuine traveler can relate to Tyler Wright’s quote, above. While clich?, it’s true that oftentimes traveling is more about the trip than the destination. Alana, Nikki, and Tyler acquired a heaping helping of both these times.

Following a grueling three times of travel, the women learned just what they were looking for: a seamless, head-high righthand saltwater break practically all to themselves. For days the ladies cracked and hacked the cerulean walls, only to find some epic landscape in their downtime. Almost all in all, it seemed like a trip worth recalling and certainly a video worth watching.

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